Jun 30, 2016 · The KeePass wiki has a registry template for this here. Run C:\Windows\system32\dpapimig.exe, the “Protected Content Migration” utility, entering the old user’s password when prompted. Open KeePass 2.X, select the stolen database.kdbx, enter the password/keyfile, and check “Windows User Account” to open the database.

Copying your KeePass database - WSU Technology Knowledge Base Apr 19, 2018 How to Import from KeePass – Dashlane How to import passwords from KeePass 1 into Dashlane, in five easy steps. 1) Click the File > Export menu in KeePass on Windows and select CSV.. 2) Still in KeePass, choose a location and a file name, then click Save, and click OK on the next page.. 3) Now open Dashlane and select File > Import Passwords > KeePass in the menu bar at the top of the screen or window. How to use KeePass on iOS (iPadOS) | KeePassium Dec 18, 2019

Building PowerShell Tools for MSPs: Automating KeePass

KDBX files are mostly introduced using KeePass version 2 because the previous versions usually use the KDB format. KeePass is a password manager that runs on several operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux as well as other mobile devices. Building PowerShell Tools for MSPs: Automating KeePass

Sep 07, 2015

Jan 24, 2012 Strongbox – Own Your Secrets Compatible. KeePass 2 - Full KDBX 3.1 & 4; Password Safe - Full Support; KeePass 1 - Full KDB Support. Strongbox is compatible with other KeePass and Password Safe clients. There are …