I recently moved and am in the market for a new home router. The routers for sale seem to be expensive, out-of-date, or have poor-to-no support for custom firmware (like OpenWRT or dd-wrt). Then I stumbled across OpenWRT support for the Raspberry Pi 4B. It sounds great on paper.

Jan 07, 2018 How to Use Raspberry Pi as a VPN Gateway - Tom's Hardware Apr 25, 2019 How to use your Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point

First, it's a good idea to set up a DHCP reservation for your Raspberry Pi, so its internal IP address doesn't change over time. Second, I recommend a dynamic DNS service. In order to access your

Jan 07, 2018

Now you'll be able to use your Raspberry Pi 3 like any router for WiFi connection. Read more. Code . Raspberry Pi 3 Display Drivers. Pi Router Configuration. Credits. Mehedi Shakeel. 10 projects • 15 followers. My name is Md Mehedi Hasan Shakeel Or You Can Call me Mehedi Shakeel and i am a Self Taught White Hat Hacker.

Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a VPN Router with One App Aug 21, 2019 How to Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a 4G LTE Router - Hackster.io The solution Buletto came up with was to use that 4G LTE dongle with a Raspberry Pi to create a 4G LTE router and provide WiFi internet access to his entire home. The dongle connects to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, which passes the connection on to a Gigabit Ethernet switch. That switch, in turn, can pass the connection on to some devices directly Anybody using a 4B as a home router? : raspberry_pi