Jan 06, 2011

Jun 10, 2014 · Similarly, in Windows 2008 Server, NPS is the implementation of a RADIUS server. Basically, the ASA is a RADIUS client to an NPS RADIUS server. ASA sends RADIUS authentication requests on behalf of VPN users and NPS authenticates them against Active Directory. Prerequisites. Requirements. There are no specific requirements for this document · A Windows Server 2008 R2 machine running NPS (Network Protection Services) and AD CS (Active Directory Certificate Services) · C onfigure NPS server as a Subordinate CA instead of Root CA (as we used CA in our DC as main root certificate ) and Radius certificate as root certificate under CA) Jan 17, 2008 · My interest in the Windows 2008 Network Policy Server (NPS) was to be able to use RADIUS on a Windows 2008 System. Specifically, I wanted to use a Windows 2008 Server to allow me to authenticate PCs using 802.1x and users logging into network devices like Cisco routers. Internet Authentication Service (IAS) was renamed Network Policy Server (NPS) starting with Windows Server 2008. The content of this topic applies to both IAS and NPS. Throughout the text, NPS is used to refer to all versions of the service, including the versions originally referred to as IAS.

Apr 09, 2012 · Here is a good article on configuring a RADIUS server in Windows and the CLI on the 6224 switch. Also, the manual link for the 62xx switch discusses RADIUS configuration on page 180.

RADIUS Server certification authority (CA) that issued the computer certificate installed on the RADIUS server, and the RADIUS server must trust the CA that issued the certificates that the client computers provide. The best way to do this is to use an enterprise PKI (such as the Active Directory Certificate Services role in Windows Server 2008).

Hello Support Team, I have a Windows 2008 R2 server, i want to configured NPS (Radius) Server on windows 2008 server for WLC client and AD users autentication. I am tried to configured but failed. AD users are not autenticated. have you any guide for windows Radius configutation please share.

Rename The Server. Something different about Windows 2008 Server is that the server name is auto-generated and you are not given a chance during the install to name the server so you must do before installing Active Directory or Certificate Services. In the “Initial Configuration Tasks” window, click the “Provide computer name and domain Sep 08, 2009 · Using Windows Server 2008 as a RADIUS Server for a Cisco ASA Recently I needed to get a Cisco ASA 5510 to use a RADIUS Server on Server 2008 to authenticate Active Directory users for VPN access. The ASA was already configured to use a Server 2003 RADIUS server, so much of the below was just replicating the existing configuration on a 2008 server. Oct 26, 2010 · To manage the RADIUS server settings, such as adding or removing APs, use the Network Policy Server utility: click Start>All Programs> Administrative Tools>Network Policy Server. If you would like to read the next part of this article series please go to Setting up Wi-Fi Authentication in Windows Server 2008 (Part 1) .