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Hokage: Ryo’s Path Chapter 473: November 25, 2019: Hokage: Ryo’s Path Chapter 472: November 25, 2019: Hokage: Ryo’s Path Chapter 471: 1 2 3 Long Live The Hokage - Novel Updates After Reincarnating into Naruto World at the Warring State Era as an Uzumaki, Masahiko thought that he got a useless System. He lived for 48 years as a normal, below average Uzumaki Shinobi. That changed when he finally knew how the system works the day of his 49th Birthday! [VN] - [Ren'Py] - [Abandoned] Hokage New Assistant [v0.1.1

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Chapter 1: The fruit that shouldn’t have appeared In Naruto World, In the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The sub had already set, but there still one student in the Ninja school. “kage Bunshin no Jutsu.” Puchi! A group of white smoke a Hokage To Be Chapter 1: Growing Up, a naruto fanfic Hokage To Be. Chapter 1: Growing Up. Uzumaki Naruto, demon container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, jumped into the clearing with a large scroll tied to his back. Naruto walked towards the cabin that Mizuki-sensei had told him about and set the scroll on the ground beside it. He took this moment to catch his breath and reflect on the events of the

1:hashi hard carries unless minato has kurama then even greater win for kages. 2.yonkos should overwhelm with high tier crew members. 3. Admirals edge this out with intang plus yonkos.

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