Canada's new copyright laws come into effect January 1st. Now, internet service providers in the province will legally be required to serve their customers with notices of copyright infringement.

International Laws and Standards - Globalization Intellectual property, copyright, and piracy laws vary widely by market. In many markets, you may be subject to legal action if you violate local laws. Some countries have signed international copyright laws, such as the TRIPS Agreement 1994 and/or the Berne Convention 1928 . Canadian industry wants tougher piracy laws Canadian industry wants tougher piracy laws of Canada has met with a number of the country's MPs to lobby for tougher piracy laws, because its members feel that their intellectual property is

Anti-piracy firm targeting Canadians who download

2016-10-7 · Canadian Admiralty, Maritime and Pleasure Boating Law is the body of law governing navigation and shipping. Among the important medieval sea codes were the Laws of Wisby, the Laws of Hansa Towns, the courts of the lord high admiral dealt primarily with cases of piracy and naval discipline but gradually these tribunals extended their Anti-piracy laws in Canada? | Yahoo Answers 2006-10-10 · Here is what you are looking for on intellectual piracy laws in Canada. . More info on link. Intellectual Property (IP) crime -- copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting – is a growing international phenomenon that generates huge losses for legitimate industry, the economy and the Government of Canada. Canada's new online copyright protection laws now in effect

Piracy Piracy, seizure and robbery of craft at sea or in the air, has played only a slight role in Canada's history. In 1612 Peter EASTON, an English pirate, embarked on a series of raids on English, French and Portuguese fishing fleets in Newfoundland harbours from Trinity Bay to Ferryland; he inflicted little injury but caused an estimated £20 400 damage.

A guide to copyright - Canadian Intellectual Property Office 2012-11-7 Ineffective laws fuelling Canada's online piracy problem Ineffective laws that lag behind international standards have made Canada a hot spot for online piracy and copyright infringement, according to a group of rights holders that has again placed this