How To Change DHCP Lease Time In Windows 10

ifconfig Command Options Used With DHCP Client (System Request a lease extension – The command ifconfig interface dhcp extend causes dhcpagent to issue a request to renew the lease. This happens automatically, but you might want to use this command if you change the lease time and want clients to use the new lease time immediately rather than waiting for the next attempt at lease renewal. ISC DHCP 4.1 Manual Pages - dhcpd.leases - ISC DHCP 4.1 Jan 22, 2020 Mikrotik DHCP servers and 'offering lease - Netonix Forums Oct 07, 2015

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re: dhcp pool "lease" time bernhard, i had presumed from your question that you did not want addresses to be given out again staright away, dhcp uses lease times for this, as the routers lease times are in days then you will have to set it to at least 1 day otherwise the ip addresses will go straight back into the pool.

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