Instructions for connecting to the LCB vApps server. Drexel Solutions Institute is the gateway for industry to connect to Drexel’s expertise and world-class resources to design custom, interdisciplinary solutions tailored to your organization.

VPN - College of Computing & Informatics at Drexel University However, off-campus users must first connect to the Drexel network using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to use Self Service for Mac to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. A classic paradox or catch-22. To avoid that, the instructions below explain how to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client without using Self Service for Mac. VPN - College of Computing & Informatics at Drexel University Jun 22, 2019

Drexel VPN – Installation and Connection Guide 2009-03-13 3 Connecting to the Drexel VPN The following procedure details how to use the Cisco VPN Client software to connect to the Drexel VPN. When out of the office, the user will need to have an internet connection, either

Clinical Applications | Drexel University College of Drexel University College of Medicine's (DUCOM's) EHR combines a practice management application with an electronic medical record. Proficient use of the EHR is a critical component in the delivery of high quality health care to our patients. This site houses links to key guides and tools to use the electronic system more effectively, and How to Sync a Shared OneDrive Folder Locally | Drexel LeBow

If you are logging into your WebServ Account from off-campus, you will have to go through the Drexel VPN: See this video on for more details. (YouTube, 3 minutes. Select “720P” for better quality).

Drexel provides VPN connectivity via a server located at While users are able to log on directly for basic encrypted web access, we recommend that users download and install the Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client (click Start AnyConnect once logged in) to create a fully encrypted connection and provide access to other network resources, such as file servers and printers. Drexel Connect Remember to Disconnect. When you are finished, remember to disconnect and quit your browser to prevent new sessions from being started without your password. VPN for Mac OS X | Information Technology | Drexel University