Feb 26, 2018

L2TP/IPSec Error 720 - Cisco Community ASAs configuration looks correct, but I don't understand why you use a DHCP server if you indicate VPN pool. tunnel-group DefaultRAGroup general-attributes. address-pool VPN. default-group-policy DefaultRAGroup. dhcp-server 2. Verify that the addresses of VPN pool don't overlap with the local address of your computer. 3. VPN Error 720 on Registering Computer on the Network Forgot to mention, that my laptop is running Windows XP Pro SP2 and I am connecting to a VPN device rather than a server. My Desktop system is also using Windows XP Pro SP2 and is able to connect to the VPN device using the same connection parameters. A fix for Error 720: A Connection to the remote computer Jun 09, 2011 Error 720 - Unable to Connect , Azure VPN Point to Site

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