When FreeBSD starts, the GUI (if there is any ?!?!?) doesn't start; just the command line. So thats no problem, because I liked the old MS-Dos 5.0 version, where the command prompt started and we wrote Win to execute the GUI. But my problem is to determine, if the GUI is installed on the OS. For example in Windows there is a Add/Remove Programs

FreeBSD GUI | The FreeBSD Forums Nov 24, 2018 How to Install GNOME on FreeBSD - TechRepublic Jan 30, 2019 List of BSD operating systems - Wikipedia FreeBSD-based. FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from AT&T UNIX via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). FreeBSD currently has more than 200 active developers and thousands of contributors. Other notable derivatives include DragonFly BSD, which was forked from FreeBSD 4.8, and Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X, with its Darwin base including a large amount of code derived …

Reboot the system into single user mode. This can be accomplished by selecting boot menu option 2 for FreeBSD 10.3+ (option 4 for FreeBSD 8.x), or performing a 'boot -s' from the boot prompt. In Single user mode, create GEOM labels for each of the IDE disk partitions listed in your fstab (both root and swap). Below is an example of FreeBSD 10.3.

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Qtfw - FreeBSD ip firewall gui frontend download

Graphical controlling utility is called boinc_gui, start it like this: cd /var/db/boinc boinc_gui. Command line utility is called boinc_cmd, try: cd /var/db/boinc boinc_cmd --get_host_info. It does not ship with a man page but an equivalent is available on the project wiki. Attach a project Running FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi - Make Tech Easier Mar 17, 2014